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  • Revealing: MAYA

    Posted on June 19 2019

    Revealing: MAYA
    Let Maya’s gentle, dreamy stripes lull you into a similarly transcendent state of divine magic, cocooned by a rainbow of soft tones that will have you feeling lighter than air.
  • 5 Tips for the Perfect Pool Party

    Posted on June 13 2019

    5 Tips for the Perfect Pool Party
    If you really want to make a splash, let Skye be your pool party co-host from afar this summer.
  • Revealing: RANGALA

    Posted on June 05 2019

    Revealing: RANGALA
    Our namesake print seeks to capture the untameable spirit of Rangala’s natural abundance, with layer upon layer of thin speckled leaves tumbling around in perfect chaotic harmony.
  • #MySkyeBody Conversations - Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné

    Posted on May 30 2019

    #MySkyeBody Conversations - Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné
    Danielle's work, with undertones of magic and whimsy, celebrates the fortitude and tenacity of feminine energy in all its glory.
  • Revealing: PANAY

    Posted on May 22 2019

    Revealing: PANAY
    Watch our Panay motif spring to life before your eyes: a deep, dark forest awash in light against the infinite blackness that surrounds it.