Here’s why every woman should own a beach coverup


If you feel most at home by the pool or the seaside, your swimsuit drawer is probably overflowing with strappy bikini tops, sleek one-pieces, and beautiful bottoms. But have you thought about stepping things up with a beach coverup?


While they may seem like a fun extra at first blush, coverups are actually a key part of the frequent sunbather’s wardrobe. And if all you can picture when you hear the word “coverup” is a shapeless muumuu, think again – they come in way, way more styles that you probably realize. Read on to find out why we’ll never stop loving them!

SKYE's Donna dress in the Saint-Tropez print.
SKYE's Grace dress in the Gwen print.

They protect against the sun’s harsh rays


Delicate skin, harsh sun – certain things just don’t mix. As explained in a recent Harvard Medical School article, sun damage can do some significant damage to your skin: too many rays can strip your skin of its natural oils, speed up the visible aging process (wrinkles and fine lines), and even change the structure of your collagen!


Before you vow to never leave the house again, these risks are mostly related to long-term, consistent overexposure to the sun. Our antidote: sunscreen and a coverup! If you want to maximize the amount of sun that’s blocked out by your coverup, here’s what the American Skin Cancer Foundationrecommends:


1.    It’s counter-intuitive, but aim for a looser-fitting coverup when possible. Tight fits can cause the fabric to stretch, which leaves teeny holes for the sun to pass through. (see: the Grace Wrap dress, and the Nelly kimono).


2.    More is more: combine your coverup with accessories like a wide-brim sun hat and UV-filtering sunglasses to protect other sensitive areas of your body, like scalp and eyes.

SKYE's Nelly kimono in the Kaleah print.
SKYE's Grace dress in the Tokelau print.

They’re great for when you need a modesty moment


Flaunting your bod with pride is what SKYE is all about, but we all need a modesty moment every now and then! Maybe you’re walking through an air-conditioned hotel lobby, maybe you’re heading into a restaurant, maybe you’ve just indulged in a plate of nachos and are feeling a little on the bloated side.


Whatever the case, having a coverup close by means you can slip into something comfortable whenever you need an extra layer.

SKYE's Joy kimono in the Black color.
SKYE's Paige pants in the Tropea print.

They can be worn in tons of situations – not just the beach


Don’t be fooled into thinking coverups are only meant to be worn by the water. While some styles are certainly more beach-oriented, it’s easy to find a coverup that can pull double duty.


A piece like Grace, for example, can seamlessly transition from “afternoon at the beach” to “dinner at a restaurant,” and Paige pairs just as well with a tee or tank as it does with a bikini top. If building a versatile wardrobe is important to you, find yourself a coverup that provides the flexibility you need – whether you prefer dresses, pants, or kimonos!


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