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Tagged: S18

  • Uncovering: SOLIDS

    Uncovering: SOLIDS

    Meet our solids collection that's as chic and sophisticated as you.

  • Uncovering: D CUPS & UP

    Uncovering: D CUPS & UP

    The collection with the greatest styles and a little more support!

  • Uncovering: RUSH

    Uncovering: RUSH

    Get your pool-side print ready for our sophisticated and classic stripe print, RUSH!

  • Uncovering: MACTAN

    Uncovering: MACTAN

    Inspired by the strong women who gave us a voice in societies all over the world, we give you MACTAN.

  • Uncovering: EXUMA

    Uncovering: EXUMA

    The little black bikini with a refined twist, meet our new sultry print, EXUMA.

  • Uncovering: HILO

    Uncovering: HILO

    Dreaming of fresh and tangy margaritas on the beach? Let us bring bring the fiesta to you with our Mexican-Inspired print, Hilo.

  • Uncovering: GLORY

    Uncovering: GLORY

    Sophisticated, yet vibrant, we present a multi-striped print GLORY, our Caribbean-inspired print. 

  • Revealing: COSMO

    Revealing: COSMO

    Do you shy away from colour? Our new print, COSMO features the iconic black and white strip with just a hint of colour for added style.

  • Uncovering: CORRALES

    Uncovering: CORRALES

    Whether you’re hitting the road or jet-setting to paradise, CORRALES is the perfect print for any destination! 

  • Revealing: PALU

    Revealing: PALU

    With its vibrant and warm colors, Our newest PALU print is reminiscent of the traditional Indonesian prints and textiles.

  • Introducing: CLEMENTINE

    Introducing: CLEMENTINE

    Inspired by burlesque performers wearing one-piece outfits in the 1920s, the Clementine offers a unique feature of being worn two different ways, both making you feel confident and stylish.

  • Uncovering: MOANA

    Uncovering: MOANA

    Featuring white hibiscus flowers over a flattering sage green background, the MOANA collection is more than a traditional Hawaiian print.

  • Revealing: MUSA

    Revealing: MUSA

    Dive into the depths of South American Rainforests with MUSA, a tropical leaf print that's perfect for those who shy away from loud prints and florals.

  • Uncovering: BORACAY

    Uncovering: BORACAY

    This season’s Skye collection includes not one, but two beautiful floral spreads.