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  • Introducing: CLEMENTINE

    Posted on May 16 2018

    Introducing: CLEMENTINE

    Inspired by burlesque performers wearing one-piece outfits in the 1920s, the Clementine offers a unique feature of being worn two different ways, both making you feel confident and stylish.

  • Uncovering: MOANA

    Posted on May 09 2018

    Uncovering: MOANA
    Featuring white hibiscus flowers over a flattering sage green background, the MOANA collection is more than a traditional Hawaiian print.
  • #MySkyeBody Conversations - Alex Sterg

    Posted on May 02 2018

    #MySkyeBody Conversations - Alex Sterg

    As part of our #MySkyeBody Conversations series, this week we present Canadian-Greco model Alex Sterg.

  • Revealing: MUSA

    Posted on April 27 2018

    Revealing: MUSA

    Dive into the depths of South American Rainforests with MUSA, a tropical leaf print that's perfect for those who shy away from loud prints and florals.

  • 6 Female Instagram Pages That Inspire Us

    Posted on April 19 2018

    6 Female Instagram Pages That Inspire Us

    From illustrators and photographers, to writers and communities, we've gathered a list of the women that inspire us to be kinder to ourselves and to one another.