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Revealing: SOLIDS

Packing your bags for a relaxing summer getaway? Heading to your best friend’s backyard pool over the weekend? Never settle for anything less than a swimsuit that makes you feel incredible. Like, really incredible.

If you’re not sure where to start, let us be your guide! For this very special post, we’re giving last season’s palette of fabulous solid colors another moment in the sun – we love them that much! Each one of these irresistible swatches comes in a range of cuts and fits that honor every body’s unique shape, so your perfect match is just a scroll away. Let’s go. 


The ghost of a clandestine kiss, a gentle outline on the edge of your wine glass, an imprint next to the phone number you penned on the edge of a napkin... Lipstick is like a trail of magic left behind by your adventures. Pair any Lipstick piece with either one of our fiery Azalea or leafy Panay prints for a flawlessly matchy look. 



Imagine the proud purr of a jaguar, the melodic call of a parrot, the vibrations of an insect symphony? Our Rainforest collection captures the endless wonder of these tropical ecosystems after a thousand renewing rainfalls. Tip: our Java print and the Rainforest collection are a match made in heaven! 



With the sun beating down from high in the sky and rolling waves of cicada songs filling the air, nothing delivers the same dose of satisfaction as the first bite of a cold, juicy apricot. This ultra-refreshing collection pairs perfectly with three of our floral-inspired prints: bold and beautiful Borneo, stripey Sipura, and technicolor Botanix.


Write your summertime story with our Denim collection, a rich indigo that speaks to the everywoman, with the ability to flatter every skin tone under the sun. Our sophisticated Semeru print is the ultimate match for Denim, featuring a color palette that evokes balance and calm.



The forecast? Blue skies all the way with our Cielo collection. This piercing turquoise conjures up visions of warm shallow pools, from the calm bays of the Caribbean to the resplendent swell of the Mediterranean and beyond. You can take your Cielo look to the next level by mix-and-matching with our technicolor Vivacity print!



Is there anything that black can't do? Dive into Skye's latest inky black swimwear collection for all of your poolside and beachfront adventures, crafting a look that can be simple, sexy, or sporty. This classic collection pairs particularly well with our Wakaya and Maya prints, but you truly can’t go wrong!  

The choice is yours: from baby blue to fire engine red, we’ve got you covered across the entire color spectrum. Which one of our solids would make you feel the most beautiful? 

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