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Revealing: BORNEO

Asia’s largest island is an adventurer’s playground, and it’s not afraid to go big: home to not only the highest peak in Southeast Asia and the largest flower on earth, Borneo is also known for having the oldest rainforest in the world, an expansive canopy that dates back about 130 million years.

With visions of tropical blossoms dancing around our heads, we wanted to give a nod to one of the world’s botanical epicentres with its very own summertime print. Our Borneo motif’s black backdrop mirrors the depths of its seemingly endless rainforest, while drawing upon the eclectic mix of colours one might find while exploring the island’s many ecological landmarks.

As you can probably imagine, this buzzing island is no stranger to flora and fauna of all kinds. Its densely-packed ecosystem boasts over 10,000 flowering plant species and just over 200 mammal species, 44 of which can’t be found anywhere else in the world! Plus, on a single dipterocarp tree, you’re bound to come across nearly 1,000 different insect species. That’s a lot of legs.


Wear our Borneo collection loud and proud with the Angelina and the Alessia, two bikini bottoms that feature this tropical print all over. The Hipster and Mid-Waist Fold Over include a splash of classic black for a look that’s slightly more sophisticated. Up top, you can go for the Fay, featuring adjustable straps and a classy front fabric crossover, or reach for the sporty high-neck Anita. If you were born to explore Borneo, there’s never been a better time than now!