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Revealing: URBANE

Elegance comes through in the simplest of ways. It doesn’t require lavish accessories or a constant flow of trendy items. Instead, it’s shown through a sense of style that is mature, refined, and minimal, with particular attention paid to details. It’s easy to describe, but hard to recreate. Just think of Audrey Hepburn, Adele, Kerry Washington, and dare we mention – Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

But let’s also be realistic – women today are always on the go, running from meetings to work, work to meetings, sometimes after kids, sometimes after life, like who has time to catch a breath, let alone style an elegant outfit like the RoyalsAnd when we do take a moment to catch a breath and go on vacation *gasps*, we just want to relax as much as possible before heading back out into our hectic lives. 



That’s why we’re presenting you with Skye’s new Urbane collection. This modern color block series featuring a geo laser cut pattern is elegance at arm’s reach. Available in two timeless neutrals, Seamoss and Platinum, and in some of Skye’s most flattering and comfortable cuts, these styles will be your new favorites for many seasons to come.

No need to think twice about what to wear on your next poolside getaway when you have these choices to pick from.