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Banded Hipster Bottom - RUSH

$36.40 $52.00


There are certain things in life that will never be passé, and one of those is stripes. Whether they’re woven into your favorite wool sweater or printed onto your trusty nautical-themed beach bag, classic stripes will have a place in your closet forever. And that’s their beauty. But combine classical nautical stripes with the color of Cherry Coke, and you’ve got a new brand of nostalgia in your wardrobe. Enter Rush, our newest neo-nautical print that combines classic horizontal stripes with a deep burgundy for a look that’s fresh but timeless. Think of it as a classic Coke but with a fresh new cherry on top.

Combine any of the tops in our neo-nautical Rush collection with the Banded Hipster, a low rise, full coverage swim bottom that'll have you feeling super confident and ultra comfortable.

  • Low rise
  • Full coverage