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Revealing: MAYA

Do you believe in magic? What about Maya, Hinduism’s very own interpretation of the mystical and otherworldly? This tenet of Hindu philosophy describes a kind of power bestowed only upon the gods, giving them the ability to mischievously coax humans into believing in an illusion.

Eventually, this word came to describe the all-powerful force that leads us humans to believe that the world as we know it is real – and with our multicolor Maya collection, we’re taking the many layers of perception and reality to the next level. Will you choose to live inside of its sun-flower-yellow universe, awash with abundance and good vibes? Or do you gravitate more to-wards its pale blue streak, evoking visions of a quiet life by the seaside? 

Let Maya’s gentle, dreamy stripes lull you into a similarly transcendent state of divine magic, cocooned by a rainbow of soft tones that will have you feeling lighter than air. This swimwear suite is among our most diverse, featuring cuts and styles that suit everyone from professional beach loungers to swell-seeking surfers. 


Stylish one-pieces, underwire-equipped bikini tops, sporty rashguards, and so many more seaworthy gems come together to create an eye-catching collection that embodies the true meaning of Skye: something for every lifestyle, wardrobe, and body type. You can have it all with Maya.