Resort season is back in black


Resort season is upon us, and what better way to outfit yourself for that classic getaway than with a timeless vacation wardrobe based on the ultimate in simple sophistication – black.



Whether it's yachting, lounging by the bay, or shopping the local markets, nothing beats the one color that has spelt effortless refinement for as long as we can remember.


Above: Dorothy Dandridge yaghting in a long black dress


This look was the basis for Grace Kelly's iconic vacation wardrobe in the 1955 classic heist film 'To Catch a Thief,' where Princess Grace accessorized a solid black swimsuit and cover-up with a wide-brimmed hat, and cat-eye sunglasses.


Above: Grace Kelly in studio (left) and on location (right) for To Catch a Thief


And the classic black swimsuit graced yet another memorable beach scene of filmdom for Deborah Kerr's steamy tryst with Burt Lancaster in 1953's 'From Here to Eternity.'


Above: Deborah Kerr in From Here to Eternity


The simplicity of this quintessentially haute aesthetic is just one of many in Skye's collection of So Soft Solids, a line of styles and cuts in signature solid colors.


And that same timeless chic is the inspiration for other Skye resort essentials, like the Taylor Cover Up, with its charming mediterranean influences, or the posh Muse Cover up.


Above: Skye Swimwear Taylor kimono-style coverup in classic black


So whatever your destination this resort season, capture the everlasting panache of cinema legends and bon-vivants all in black – because high style has never been so simple.


Above: Skye Swimwear Muse coverup in classic black

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