New Plus-Size Swim Line: Skye+

After months research and countless days of hard work on the design floor, we are excited to finally announce the launch of our new plus-size swim line, Skye+. Woohoo!

Skye+ was created from the knowledge that beauty is everywhere, and not just a narrow measure of things reduced to one size or way of seeing the world. As such, this fabulous new line was designed with the care we always take to construct swimsuits with the most flattering and comfortable fits, using materials that look good and feel great on.

Our first collection includes bikinis, underwire tops, one-pieces, tankinis and coverups all inspired by the latest trends in high-fashion and beach style. Sizes range from 0X to 2X.

Find your nearest specialty boutique or swim store here.


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Summer Trend Report: Radical Botanical

Since before anyone can remember, flowers have symbolized beaufy and life. Buds and blooms are nature's gift to the eye, and floral prints have symbolized delicate femininity in fashion for hundreds of years. Although flower patterns as a whole are timeless, artists and designers today are finding new, beautiful ways to adapt botanicals to our modern style sensibilities.

From typography to high fashion, flower prints are the eye-popping print this summer in swim and resortwear. Our Eden floral swimwear collection was inspired by the botanical current in the design world, and has proved to be one of this season's strongest prints.




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Trend Report: Popping Pomegranate

This season is all about color, and what could be hotter than an eye-popping pomegranate red? Found in art, interior design, beauty and fashion, red will always be all the rage. Looking to create a unique red color that was both classic and contemporary, our design team engineered our very own signature red under the Pomegranate banner. 

Wear our So Soft solid-colored Pomegranate styles together or pair them with a piece from our Sienna collection, a series of bikini seperates with a bohemian style engineered print.

Above: Skye So Soft Solid Pomegranate red bikini (2016 Collection)


Above: Skye Sienna bandeau bikini (2016 Collection)

Click here to find a store near you that carries our Pomegranate and Sienna swimwear collections.

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Trend report: Wild for animal print

Although some trends may be passing, there are some things that will never change when it comes to what looks good. Animal print, along with black, is one of those things that will forever remain a classic in the elegant woman's wardrobe. From head-to-toe leopard outfits to tiny zebra accents in a look that's more subdued, animal print is as current as it's ever been in womenswear.

This season's Skye Expedition print was inspired by animal print high fashion and street style, and offers a classic yet stylish option for the woman looking for a swimsuit that is both trendy and timeless.

To find a Skye retailer near you that carries our Expedition animal-print inspired swim collection, click on our Store Finder here.



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Trend report: watercolor wonder

This spring, the streets and runways of Europe and North America have been filled with the colors and textures of watercolor. From Chanel's ready-to-wear spring collection that incorporates watercolor-inspired motifs with classic Chanel textures and materials, to Zac Posen's flowy painted gowns, fashion is filled with the feminine hues of the brush stroke.

In keeping with high-fashion's current trend, the designer's at Skye designed the Lush collection, a series of swim seperates featuring a watercolor-inspired print in bright coral, turquoise and blue. To find a Skye retailer near you, check out our store locator here. 






Trend Report: Sunrise Stylin'

Spring is season when we shed our winter wardrobe and put on something fresh. And what better colors to soak in the newfound sun than tangy tangerines and sweet sorbets?

Inspired by the neon trend in high fashion, interior design and architecture, the design team at Skye has introduced a whole line of neon sorbet swimsuits under the Sunrise banner. From bikinis to one-pieces, there’s a bright and sunny style for women of all shapes and sizes.

To find a retailer near you that carries the Sunrise collection, click here

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Classic chic for resort season

Resort season is always a great time to bridge the gap between summer style and winter colors, and what better to celebrate an upcoming sojourn down south than to put together a perfectly sophisticated swim outfit for your upcoming trip?

Looking to complete this year’s swimsuit collection using the chicest of chic combination of black and white, the designers at Skye Swimwear created the Classic collection of bandeaus, underwire tops and a variety of other swimsuits cuts and styles designed especially for resort season.

These two anti-colors are quite arguably fashion and design’s sweetheart tones, and there was no shortage of inspiration from art, packaging design, and high fashion when the initial moodboards for the Classic collection were being put together.

To shop Skye’s line of Classic swimsuits, click here and enter your address to find a store near you.


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Raspberry Dreams: Skye style report

This season’s palette of “So Soft” Skye solids has brought with it the introduction of a rich new fuchsia-inspired color named “Raspberry”. Inspired by the rich berry pinks in fashion today both on and off the runway, Raspberry has been a major hit in Skye’s swim collection since its release at the beginning of this year’s resort season.

Available in a variety of cuts and styles from skimpier looks to full coverage one-pieces, find Skye’s Raspberry collection in a boutique near you using our store finder here.

For more Raspberry designspiration, check out our designer’s tonal mood board on Pinterest here.


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Nautical-chic for Resort 2015

It’s safe to say that most of us have, at least at some point in time, wanted to dress like a sailor. Thankfully, nowadays you don’t have to spend 4 months below deck sucking on limes to avoid scurvy to look as cute as Seaman’s Apprentice.

Fleet week style envy is nothing new. From Jackie O.’s smart little navy skirt suits paired with her signature head scarf, to the runway shows of Jean-Paul Gaultier, naval-inspired fashion has been around since, well, the navy itself (or fashion itself, whichever came first).

The white and blue of the navy can also carry over to more leisurely activities of course. Yachting, sailing, or even a little spin on a speedboat can be a great excuse to don the navy blue and white stripes that make everything look oh so fresh and so clean.

That’s why this season the designers at Skye introduced the Realm collection, our modern interpretation of classic nautical fashion using a blue denim textured stripe instead of the traditional solid one. With a variety of cuts and styles from bandeaus and triangle tops to skimpier tie-side bottoms and full-coverage panty styles, the Realm collection offers something for every sailor out there, even you.

Find Skye’s Realm swimsuit collection at a boutique near you here.

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Mediterranean blue trend report

Every season, the design team at Skye Swimwear introduces a new palette of solid colors that will stand alone in our 'So Soft" collection or that can be mixed-and-matched with our various prints. This year, one of the colors of choice is our signature Mediterranean Blue, a rich deep blue reminiscent of the walls of Chefchaouen, Morocco and the pottery of Portugal. It's a color that can see in the deepest blues of the ocean and the translucence of nature's precious gems, and that has been captured in the indigos of textiles of ancient cultures and modern high fashion.

This deep Mediterranean Blue from Skye's 2015 swimwear collection was inspired by the hues of cultures all over the globe, and of modern day design from fashion and textiles to cars and book covers. 

Above: Skye Swimwear's Mediterranean Blue collection in a Med Slider Triangle top and Med bottoms.

Cut from our silky smooth "So Soft" fabric, the Skye Mediterranean Blue collection includes bikinis and one-pieces ranging from itsy bitsy triandle slider tops to full-support D, DD and larger cup sizes. It comprises mix-and-match tops and bottoms, as well as several stunning one-pieces, offering a fit and look for women of all shapes and sizes.

To find a store near you that carries the Skye Mediterranean collection, click here.

Fore more visual inspiration related to our Mediterranean collection, check out our Pinterest board here.



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