5 ways to stay cool this summer



For those of you who are city dwellers and are battling the heat this summer, here are a few tips on how to keep cool without air conditioning.


1. Keep hydrated


First and foremost, it is crucial to drink as much water as possible. We are made of water and our bodies function as self-cooling devices when we sweat. Other drinks such as iced tea and juices will temporarily quench your thirst, but anything containing added sugar, caffeine or alcohol will not provide ultimate hydration. It’s best to keep it natural and go for things with a minimal number of ingredients listed on the label.


2. Dress for the weather


If you aren’t in a swimsuit-appropriate situation, at least make sure that you are wearing something that won’t leave you sticky and uncomfortable. Wear light colours and fabrics, and just like our advice about summer beverages, go as natural as possible. Linen is practically made for hot weather (ask people living in the Indian subcontinent) and light cotton fabrics will also allow you to breathe and won’t irritate the skin. Lastly, don’t be afraid wear loose-fitting clothes. Contrary to popular belief, relaxed-fit tops and pants can be very slimming if worn right. 


3. Create a micro-climate in your home


It’s simple: hot air out, cool air in. Close your curtains during the day and open them up at nighttime along with your windows. Get the air circulating from one end of your abode to the next with fans, and you will once again be able to enjoy the benefits of using your hair dryer in the morning instead of sleeping with a water mister next to your bed.





4. Eat spicy food


Think about it. Mexican, Sri Lankan, Indian, Jamaican and many other cuisines from hot climate countries tend to be quite spicy. In addition to being a natural way of preserving food (think before the time of refrigerators), hot spices stimulate the heat receptors in the mouth, enhancing circulation and making you sweat, your body’s natural cooling system. A tasty way to cool you down!


5. Stay cool, calm and collected


Sit back and relax. The less you move, the less energy you will expend and the less your body will heat itself up. Fanning yourself will actually make you warmer because of the physical exertion involved. Allow yourself to take some time for thought, reading, and other activities that can be very rewarding and will allow you to decompress. You will feel cooler and more relaxed.


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Miami Swimshow 2011


We would like to announce our presence at the Swimshow in Miami Beach, Florida  starting today (July 16th) to Tuesday the 19th.


We will be previewing our newest 2012 collection that includes multi-coverage one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, tankinis and gorgeous new cover-ups.  With an understanding of women’s many shapes and sizes, we will also be showing many of our styles in D, DD and E cup sizes.

If you are a retailer and would like to pass by our booth to view the line, we will be located at #951/1054. Our press team will also be there to meet with interested media. 

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Welcome to the new Skye swimwear website and blog!


As an ever-evolving brand, Skye swimwear is constantly introducing new swimsuit and coverup styles, and new great fabrics and fits. To keep up with the steady progression of our design team, we thought it fitting that we, the marketing & PR team, keep up with their great work and honor it with a newer, better, more user-friendly website and blog.


Swimwear enthusiasts and idle fashion-gazers alike can now view images from our most current collections, get valuable information on all of our different fits, and keep up-to-date on news and happenings here at Skye swimwear.


This blog is here for you. We will be updating it weekly in order to share exciting new ideas, inspirations and events with you. We also invite our readers to share their feedback on our products, and to let us know what they would like to see from us as we move forward with this exciting line.


Happy browsing!